ICON is giving away the @Poodles account on Instagram.

The account has over 100k followers, making the winner an instant influencer.

Players compete by submitting a video or photo as an avatar, using our app.  

In our world the year is 2040 and you are living in Instagram City, previously known as Los Angeles. You are competing to be the new @POODLES. They are a multiracial teen heart throb with over 100k followers.

Icon is a very simple game - DOWNLOAD HERE
1 - Download the app - No login required.
2 - You see an Animoji like avatar on screen
3 - Record your video as Poodles
4 - Share it everywhere

We want you to be fully you through Poodles. Record and post it to your Instagram. At the @POODLES account. We will be viewing posts for 3 weeks, and then our team will select the new Poodles and hand over the keys to the account.

Minting you an avatar superstar.

Why is this interesting?

With the rise of digital influencers like @lilmiquela built by Brud or @astrolovesu built by Shadows, we have revitalized the concept of abstracting our identity into avatars.

Icon is built by Eternal.

Eternal is a technology company, building the future of digital identity. We design experiences at the intersection of games and social. We want people to be able to allow others to see them as they see themselves. This is just our first game around avatars and identity, we can’t wait to show you more.